Basic Facts You Should Know about Softball

Softball is an exhilarating game that kids from various levels can play and enjoy at the same time. There’s no particular time or stage that this game is best suited for. It’s a game for both kids and adults, and the game is also represented with a softball banner that describes the game’s beauty. However, even if the game is for everyone, it is vital for those that are new to the game to get acquainted with everything about the game to be able to enjoy the game properly. If you’re a beginner and you plan on trying this game out, there are basic facts about baseball you need to note before you begin your first game.

Basic Facts You Should Know about Softball

Softball Facts To Note

The following are the common baseball facts you need to note:

It’s Not Exactly the Same as Baseball

One reality is that baseball and Softball have similarities, but they are not the same. The similarities common to the two sports include the same assigned player’s positions, the same batting rules, and the same three-strikes rule. However, despite these similarities, the softball game also has its uniqueness. For instance, The field where softball is played is relatively smaller than that of baseball. The small size of the field is what ensures that the race of the players is somewhat quicker, which makes the game more exhilarating.

Also, there are no pitcher mounds available in softball. A flat rubber pitcher stand is used instead with a shorter range of 43 ft from the pitcher stand to the home plate. There’s also the fact that their softball team banner ideas are quite different from that of baseball. The throws in the two sports are also different since baseball pitchers’ throw is done overhand while softball pitchers are done underhand.

Softballs Are Not Soft

When softball was invented in the 80s, the balls used back then were soft due to the boxing glove materials used to create them. However, as the years went by, the softballs got stronger. The current softballs are so hard that they could break your fingers if you ever get hit by anyone.

Softball Has Two Versions

You can play softball in two versions, namely the fastpitch and the slow pitch. The versions can be played according to the game the name they carry. The fastpitch is all about throwing the ball to the plate as hard and fast as possible. Slowpitch, on the other hand, involves pitching the ball slowly towards the batter. So if you are a beginner, it would be most suitable for you to opt for the slowpitch version because this version will help you enjoy your game more. Fastpitch is the style mainly used in competitive tournaments where the players involved are well-grounded in the game rules and techniques.

Number of Players

The number of players in softball varies depending on the kind of competition. For instance, leagues that use the slowpitch version might use lesser players to make sure the game goes round for all the players. Fastpitch, on the other hand, requires a higher amount of team players because this could play a significant role in cases where some of the players are injured.

The Game Timing

The time length of a softball game varies depending on the version of baseball that is played. For instance, it’s a slowpitch version of softball; the game’s time frame should be around 3 – 7 minutes. While in the game of fastpitch, the time frame of the game is up to 2 hours. 

There Is Lot of Dirt Involved with Softball

One thing you’ll discover from playing softball is that there’s a lot of dirt involved. It won’t be great to wear your best clothing for a softball game. The diamond on which the softball is played is filled with dirt, and the outfield is grass. In softball, it is recommended to wear the uniform for players of the sport rather than your casual wear. It is the reason why most of the softball leagues prefer to use shorts while playing the game. Traditional softball pants are the best options if you find yourself sliding in the game. These softball pants will protect you from injuries whenever you fall, especially when you wear them with cleats to ensure that shoes have enough traction when you’re in motion during a game. Eye protection is also great to prevent sun rays from entering your eyes.

Final Thoughts

Softball is a great sport that is good for people of every age. It is vital to know the basic facts about the game to ensure that you get an exciting experience when playing softball. These facts will also help make you a better softball player. Having the necessary knowledge of softball is very compulsory for beginners, which is why this article will go a long way to help you if you’re starting on this game.